MYJOBS offers the first complete e-recruitment system in country to those HR professional who really wants to make it easy. Our “e-Recruitment System" is an online smart recruitment solution developed by MYJOBS where HR professionals put their expectation and experiences. State of the art technology and accurate assessment tools along with video conference between candidate and interviewers is a new kind of its nature by which a corporate human resource department can significantly automate its recruitment process with higher accuracy but being unbiased. To fullfill the demand of the recruitment of HR department the system has been designed and to fit the corporate image. "e-Recruitment System’ is built on the proven expertise of the company in recruiting business domain and web technology. The most reputed and largest organizations in the country use the system to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness especially for right recruitment.
Reduces travel cost
Reduces Cost
Fastest recruitment process
Right Decision making scope
More efficient
More Transparent


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Cloud technology
need not any installation
Remote / onsite Interview
Interview through video conferencing at any time and any part of globe
Assessment Tool
On screen Individual assessment tool for every one
CV collection & sorting
CV collection and sorting according to requirement
Admin Panel
Access control mechanism for login to the administrative panel
Status tracking
Status tracking for candidate and interviewer

Serving Numerous Govt., Private and Multinational Companies in different Sectors:

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