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Job Description

  1. Plan, supervise and co-ordinate construction of multi-discipline projects. Responsible for ensuring that completed projects exhibit high standards of engineering and workmanship. Has authority to ensure safe working conditions on site, and that design specifications are implemented.
  2. Ensure that all project works are completed in a safe, timely and efficient manner and within budget.
  3. Supervise the activities of assigned personnel in the project construction site and implement Quality Assurance policy as per management decision.
  4. arrive at the best and most economical and efficient solutions.
  5. Chair planned site meetings with contractors, to ensure that they are fully conversant with the project scope of work, construction programs, design drawings, material specifications and delivery dates.
  6. Determine work methods in accordance with project workload, contract terms and conditions and professional engineering standards.
  7. Prepare detailed work budget of each project in association with finance and Plans & Coordination department and get approval by the assigned committee.
  8. To review quantity surveying and rate analysis, environmental studies for upcoming projects, initial drawings, scopes of work, specifications and other project details.
  9. Liaise with Plans & Coordination department to develop budgets/estimates.
  10. Liaise with structural consultants and ensure cost effective structural design with uncompromising safety factor.
  11. Conduct team-building activities including the facilitation of monthly project managers meetings.
  12. Select and commit contract staff where appropriate to fill gaps.
  13. Define roles of project team members.
  14. Strictly manage Quality control outcomes as directed by the board.
  15. Plan & organise handover from construction team to Customer Services Department and manage defects program as per contract.
  16. Periodical analysis of planned activities vs actual activities.
  17. Perform any such matters as may be assigned by the Board.
  18. Continuous manpower evaluation, do-need-gap analysis and liaise with the Head of Human Resources on human resource management issues were appropriate.
  19. Assist in the recruitment and allocation of personnel for the project operations department as approved by management.
  20. Assist human resources department in conducting performance management systems and advise reward management programs.
  21. Evaluate training needs of the existing engineering team and arrange necessary training periodically and action training and development programming in conjunction with the human resources department to meet company’s business objectives.
  22. Prepare a construction manual and update it as when necessary.
  23. Accountability of all subcontractors’ activities.
  24. In conjunction with relevant senior managers set and enforce standards of performance of subcontractors regarding safety; quality; work performance etc.
  25. To check and recommend contractors/subcontractors monthly valuations for approval.
  26. Develop list of preferred Subcontractors.
  27. Support punitive actions decided by senior management with non-performing Subcontractors.
  28. Foster long-term relationships with key Subcontractors.
  29. Establish client’s key issues before project commences.
  30. Build relationship with client’s off site representatives.
  31. Manage client’s developing expectations.
  32. Anticipate potential problems and make suggestions to senior management regarding ways to improve.

Job Nature

  • Full-Time

Educational Requirements

  • B.Sc Engineering in Civil

Additional Educational Requirements

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from BUET, CUET, RUET, KUET.

Experience Requirements

  • Experience Required 15 to 20 Year(s)

Job Requirements

  • Both Male and Female can Apply
  1. Analytical skills
  2. Business skills
  3. Customer-service skills
  4. Decision-making skills
  5. Initiative 
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Speaking skills
  8. Technical skills
  9. Time-managementskills
  10. Financial Management.
  11. Technical Capacity.
  12. Performance Management.
  13. Business Acumen.
  14. Communication Proficiency.
  15. Ethical Conduct.
  16. Problem Solving/Analysis.
  17. Strategic Thinking.
  18. Time Management
  19. Cost Management



Salary Range



  • July 27 2021
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Published on: March 09, 2021
Vacancy: Undifined
Employment Status: Full-Time
Experience: Experience Required 15 to 20 Year(s)
Gender: Both Male and Female can Apply
Job Location:
Application Deadline: July 27, 2021
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