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Live Smart


 Smart is a social movement of a group of renowned professionals who have been serving the society in their own area very successfully. The movement is to make people aware of well-being  means ‘Living A Smart life’ – enjoy a quality life-time.   The Association  is comprised with renowned & highly qualified HRM-HRD, ICT, Finance -Accounts, Engineers and other  professionals who have their successfully track record in their respective area. It is absolutely a non-profit movement.

Smart vs. Intelligent – Difference and Comparison – Diffzi  MYJOBS is a small initiative  of the Group of Live SMART – it is more than a job portal,  under which ‘LIVE SMART’ team will provide their support and cooperation to the intended group of people of the society through the initiative of  MYJOBS – they will have a list of Job Seeker and the need of Employers- certainly it will help to make a bridge between Job Seeker and the Employers.


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