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Reporting and Presentation Automation with Excel and PowerPoint

Introduction Reporting Automation with Microsoft Excel This training program builds upon advanced level knowledge and skills of Microsoft Excel 2016 sets you on the road to creating dynamic reports, dashboard, macros as well as discover the power of nesting functions. Reduce work load and reporting errors by creating and modifying macros is our main objective.Training OutcomeUpon successfully completion of this training, participants will be able to create dynamic reports and dashboard along with modifying macros.AssuranceOur training program assure you to implement the knowledge that we transfer to you. We strictly follow KSA process. K – Knowledge, S – Skill & A – AbilityPowerPoint Presentation Excellence Today in the era of digitization human being cannot escape from the effect and impact of presentation. Presentation is no longer limited to one’s professional life only. Starting from student life, to professional life and also in one’s personal there is always a strong need for Presentation skills.This course is designed to provide trainees a complete knowledge on Microsoft Power Point. Trainees will be able to enhance their Power point working skills along with their presentation skills.Training Outcomes:This course will enable participants to develop their skills in the following areas :1. Basic of Presentation, Understanding Importance of Presentation2. Power Point Presentation Types and Different Uses of Power Point Presentation 3. Exploring MS Power Point, Working on MS Power Point 4. Making own Presentation, Practice (Professional Profile Making using Power Point)5. Presenting and AssessmentAssuranceAfter successfully completion of the training participants will be able to make advance presentation that includes animation, sound, video and slide transaction Methodology Hands on training with practice sessions. Contents of Training: Reporting Automation with Microsoft Excel Course Content Excel data visualization and data tools Cells referencing or addressing Custom number formatting Custom date formatting Conditional formattingMicrosoft Excel functions IF, And, Or function Match, Search function Sumifs, Countifs, Averageifs function Lookup, Vlookup function Indirect, Offset function Edate, Eomonth, Weeknum function Forecast, Trend, Growth function Precedent and dependentMicrosoft Excel PivotTables Creating and pivoting PivotTables Summarizing PivotTable data Managing subtotals and grand totals Using PivotTable data in a formula Sorting and Filtering PivotTable Data Formatting PivotTables Visualization using Slicer and Timeline Grouping PivotTable data Using formulas in PivotTableMicrosoft Excel Charts or Graphs Excel chart elements Plotting secondary axis in chart Excel charts customization Creating charts using custom templateMicrosoft Excel macros & VBA What is macro? Trace developer tab Macro recording Excel VBA editor Excel VBA dot notation Excel VBA methods Excel VBA range properties Adding buttons Assigning macros to a button Excel VBA active cell propertiesDynamic reports and dashboard Static and dynamic data Dynamic reports stand for Automated report creation for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Exercise of dynamic DashboardMail merge using MS Excel Mail merge stands for Mail merge processWrapping up the session Top Tips Open Forum Evaluation and follow-up *** Queries excluding above mentioned list will be entertained based on available time.PowerPoint Presentation Excellence Course Content1. Presentation: Basic of PresentationPresentation types and uses2. MS Power Point: Application of Power Point Presentation Initials to make Power Point PresentationPower Point Presentation Stages 3. Exploring Power Point: Exploring Menu Bar, Home Menu, Insert Menu, Design Menu and Tools 4. Understanding Power Point: Using Built in Power Point templateExploring Layout and Selecting desired oneTyping or Message Writing Techniques and Tips Inserting Shape, Align Shapes, Picture, Audio and Video Adding Animation: Slide Transaction and Customized Animation Formatting Text Design: Themes, Background, Transaction, Animation, Slide Show and Review Development: Link Slides, Hyperlinks, FinalizationReview: Slide Show, Hide Slide, Rehearse, RecordSecurity: Save as Security, Password ProtectionMaking a Real Presentation using Power Point Short Cut Commands:Use of Short Cut KeysPrint and PDF: Print and PDF MakingReview, Assessment and Feedback Collection


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Anyone who wants learn dynamic reporting and dashboards to increase their work productivity. Anyone who wish to reduce their work load and reporting errors by creating and modifying macros. Anyone who wishes to get expertise on MS Excel and PowerPoint . Interns, New Recruiters, Office Executive, Medical Promotional Offers, Office Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, NGO workers, Freshers and anyone with limited educational background or individual who have limited knowledge on MS Excel and PowerPoint.


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