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Live Smart

"LIVE SMART" is a social movement of a group of renowned professionals who have been serving the society in their own area very successfully. The movement is to make people aware of well-being  means ‘Living A Smart life’ – enjoy a quality life-time.   The Association is comprised with renowned & highly qualified HRM-HRD, ICT, Finance -Accounts, Engineers and other professionals who have their successfully track record in their respective area. It is absolutely a non-profit movement.

MYJOBS is a small initiative of the Group of "LIVE SMART" – it is more than a job portal, under which ‘LIVE SMART’ team will provide their support and cooperation to the intended group of people of the society through the initiative of MYJOBS – they will have a list of Job Seeker and the need of Employers- certainly it will help to make a bridge between Job Seeker and the Employers.

Under the initiative of LIVE SMART, we will take initiative to make people capable to earn their lively hood with right kind of training and providing jobs afterwards from 3 groups of people -


Youngsters: Under the movement “Live Smart” they have agreed to contribute to make peoples life smarter especially for young generation -who are fresher or just starts their career. They will inspire people to live a smart life- as life is too short and time moves on.

Socially challenged people: They are also committed to extend their help and cooperation to the least privileged people in society -to be established with honor and dignity.

Physically challenged people: They are also committed to the physically challenged people in the society to extend their help and cooperation.


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Online Job Portal
Online Job Portal