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We are hereby gladly inviting you to be a Freelance ‘Associates’ or ‘Consultant’ of HR Outsources where you will have scope to grow further in knowledge & income. We are offering lucrative and easy Honorarium for any successful business generation according to your contribution. 

You may know, HR Outsources is a growing HRBPO- Business Process Outsourcing company in Bangladesh under the umbrella of - a renowned job portal operating with good name and fame since 2012. A bunch of veteran HR professional are rendering service & advisory to us. For details pls. visit us at

Advanced human resources technology utilized by us to help streamline important HR functions for small or large size organizations.  Alternatively, we can tailor-make our offering specifically to any needs including the following services:

  1. Business Consultancy
  2. Executive Search / Head hunting
  3. Third party Payroll
  4. Job placement
  5. HRIS & E- Recruitment system
  6. Background Verification
  7. Learning & Training
  8. Complete HR Solutions
  9. HR Consultancy: like HR Audit, OD, Competency Mapping, KPI & KSA based PMS, C&B, Policy & SOPs, Surveys
  10. Legal & Company Matters Consultancy

We are welcoming you to join us as a consultant or Associates and open a window, for any further query we are available @01880085400-5. If you are interested pls feel free to send us a LOI along with a profile to 

Scope of work: Considering the capacity and scope of work any can contribute to the following area as a freelancer –

  1. Category  
    1. Consultant
    2. Associates
  2. Consultants: Who can contribute in HR Consultancy or advisory services include- HR Audit, OD, Competency Mapping, KPI & KSA based PMS, C&B, Policy & SOPs, Surveys ETC. The profit-sharing plan offers payment on net profit – deducting all costs incurred for the project completion.


Who can contribute to develop or secure business from any or all of the following segment

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