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HR outsourcing

HR outsourcing (also known as HRO) is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. Outsourcing HR functions create greater efficiency within human resources systems.

Human resource management is an issue for all employers, irrespective of size or specialization. We HR Outsource can be your partner to ensure that matters related to your most important asset….your people….are being addressed in a timely and effective manner.

HR Outsource can help you through our HR outsourcing services. You can choose to outsource your entire HR activity from administration and payroll through to performance management and advisory services.

Our HR Outsource team will consider your requirements and expectations, and come up with a proposed action plan. We will provide you with service solutions that fit your needs.

With HR Outsource, you will benefit from our experience and know-how, delivered to you from our offices or directly on your premises.

5 Ways HR Outsourcing Helps Your Small Business Grow

Advanced human resources technology utilized by outsourcing providers help streamline important HR functions. Alternatively we can tailor-make our offering specifically to your needs including the following services:

    1. Rewards and benefits;
    2. Meeting the employment legislation requirements including Income Tax & Labour dispute;
    3. Policy & SOP development;
    4. Standardization & Certification; and
    5. Employee Survey & Research.
    6. Event Management
      1. Complete HR Solutions;
      2. Executive Search / Head Hunt;
      3. Third Party Payroll
      4. Payroll & Automation;
      5. Background Verification
      6. Learning & Training;
      7. HR Audit
      8. Competency Mapping
      9. OD & Management;
      10. KPI & KSA based performance Management System;
      11. Performance management;
    7. Recruiting: Searching for, filtering, and selecting prospective employees to interview
    8. Onboarding: Hiring employees, providing orientation, and ensuring that they have access to applications, systems, and other requirements for their jobs
    9. Benefits Administration: Establishing, maintaining, and managing benefits for employees, including medical, life, and disability insurance; pension plans; retirement accounts; stock options; time off for vacation, illness, and maternity
    10. Employee Development: Providing training to help employees learn new skills, and retaining high-performing employees
    11. Employee Relations: Facilitating communication between employees and managers, including consultation on employee rights and responsibilities, resolution strategies for workplace issues, and explanation of organization policies and procedures
    12. Organizational Development: Improving organizational performance and growth through continuous analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of processes, departments, and resources
    13. Performance Management: Establishing processes for managers to evaluate employee performance, including setting goals, evaluating results and accomplishments, communicating expectations, and resolving performance gaps
    14. Compensation Administration: Planning and managing direct and indirect compensation for employees, including salary, bonuses, incentives, and time off
    15. Termination: Transitioning employees out of the organization through resignation, firing, or retirement, including removal from organization systems, exit interviews, and relevant benefits transitions
    16. Alumni Management: Maintaining contact with former employees for business development, rehiring, and knowledge networking
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