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10 Essential Employability Skills

Employability Skill: 10 Essential Employability Skills

Different people define these skills in different ways, but generally they can be broken down into these Ten categories:

10 Essential Employability Skills:
1. Problem-solving
2. Oral communication
3. Written communication
4. Adaptability
5. Collaboration
6. Resource management
7. Organizational skills
8. Technology use
9. Information use
10. Certain personality traits

1. Problem solving: Problem solving means finding solutions when you’re faced with difficulties or setbacks. It involves being able to use a logical process to figure things out.
2. Oral communication: Depending on the job, communication means being clear about what you mean and what you want to achieve when you talk or write. It involves listening and being able to understand where someone else is coming from.
Communication skills also include non-verbal communication, such as the body language you use.
3. Teamwork: Teamwork means being able to get along with the people you work with. It involves working together to achieve a shared goal.
4. Initiative and enterprise: Initiative and enterprise mean looking for things that need to be done and doing them without being asked. This can also involve thinking creatively to make improvements to the way things are done.

5. Planning and organizing: Planning and organizing mean working out what you need to do, and how you'll do it. Planning and organizing involve things like developing project timelines and meeting deadlines.
* self-management: Self-management means:
* being able to do your job without someone having to check up on you all the time
* staying on top of your own deadlines
* delegating tasks to other people to make sure things get done on time
6. Learning: Learning is about wanting to understand new things and picking them up quickly. It also involves taking on new tasks and being able to adapt to change
7. Technology: Technology skills mean being able to use a computer for word processing, using spreadsheets and sending email, or knowing how to use office equipment like a photocopier.
They also involve using social media, working with design or video editing software or knowing programming languages. Other technology skills relate to hardware, like knowing how to use EFTPOS, a cash register, a camera or a recording studio.

8. Written communication: Mostly we are good at written than oral. A quality writing capability sure keeps you outstanding among others. A correct and well structured writing ability is very much required for wining in competitive market. 
9. Information use: Using technology is important as important information gathering. Correct data and information with figure and statistics can make you remarkable among others 
10. Certain personality traits: Personality traits are also influencing factor to be selected in crowd. You appearance, behavior pattern, smile and body language etc play vital role for get hired.

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